Elementary Interior Concepts: How To Cook An Interior Pattern Concept – V Basic Principles

As an interior designer , when y'all lot necessitate to railroad educate an interior pattern concept , at that topographic indicate are around unproblematic also basic principles you lot lot call for to follow , merely it must go-go amongst a conceived idea. Your pattern concept is what lays the foundation for the visual components that make upward part of the nub blueprint parcel. Without a concept , you lot lot can't bring a vision.

How practise interior designers railroad prepare a vision , assistance clients visualize it , too turn it into a reality?

First of all , to reach success inwards a project , your interior blueprint concept must see part , beauty , also versatility. The design persuasion must move a well-thought-out solution brilliantly position together.

Some clients know what they want (close to intend they make) only volition take your services to place it all together inward a professional person individual manner. Many others depend on a designer to aid too will laissez passer core back up to their professional mortal suggestions.

v Basic Principles of Developing an Interior Design Concept

To railroad develop a bully concept is not too therefore difficult besides at that topographic bespeak really aren’t whatsoever hard also fast rules almost how things should or should non travel , merely at that topographic signal are five basic principles that are goodness to follow. These principles can locomote used in almost interior blueprint situations for whatsoever pattern projection ranging from designing a tiny level to creating a keen eating house interior or a 5-star hotel suite.

These v principles are interrelated , all the same each is of import in its own right too assist inwards making the interior non entirely attractive just comfortable also inviting every fleck well. They , all the same , call for to slice of job together to permit an interior designer to make a unified experience inside whatever infinite. They are:

one. Colour

2. Scale

three. Style

four. Space planning

5. Functionality

Interior Design Model 
Source: By Akinpelu Adeyinka [CC-BY-SA-iii.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/iii.


This is the most basic concept of all likewise is the key one that will necktie a design together. There is ordinarily 1 primary (chief) color , a secondary coloring , likewise a minimum of two other supplementary likewise complementary colours to consider. When yous lot directly more than than four , the terminal consequence tin go garish.

For an eclectic vogue interior , y'all lot may add together a pair more than colours , depending on the size of the room. On the other hand , using fewer than four colours will laissez passer a minimalist expect. This is fine every scrap long every flake it’sec what a client prefers.

There must besides move a mix of venture colours , patterns , too textures. They must travel combined in such a agency that the designer believes volition convey beauty too enrichment to the room.


This is the side by times side of import facial expression that ensures a design concept industrial constitute out beautifully. Depending on the size also mass of a room(s) , all objects placed inside it must locomote good-related scale-wise.

Most clients don’t know about the importance of scale too this is where the expertise of a professional person person comes to play. When the scale of anything is at odds amid everything or so it , it makes the interior real unattractive.

For example , if big or oversized pieces are used in modest rooms , space ends up looking cramped too stifled. Even if you lot lot directly the greatest coloring mix , it will soundless wait unpleasant if the article of furniture also other interior accessories are at cross-purposes , scale-wise.


Every interior designer has his or her ain unique trend , simply the simplest too somewhat pop subject is the eclectic mode. Eclectic interior themes are to a greater extent than often than not informal also encourage a comfortable besides relaxing feel. The design concept can travel an eclectic-modern mix or an eclectic-traditional combination. It is besides 1 of the simplest styles any designer tin can position together.

It is important that whatsoever style is chosen , minimalist , eclectic , state , urban-modernistic , or bohemian , every décor detail likewise other interior features must piece of task inward harmony amidst each other.

Space Plan

The space layout is existent important every fleck well. There must go a thoughtful estimator program of infinite as well functional zone allocations. Every interior designer is aware of this. It doesn't thing whether the scale is correct , the style is to-pass away-for , too the colour organization is pleasant , the design concept volition neglect if items likewise objects are non positioned to the best reward. All the spell , the designer must ensure to proceed an aesthetically pleasing await.

A goodness dominion of pollex is to direct also create upward 1'sec take heed on a focal point inwards the room. Once that has been determined , it'second easier to place primary elements similar a sofa , tables , divan , elaborate wall fine art , etc... well. When these chief article of piece of furniture items are inward place , placing enhancing accessories roughly them volition go slow.


Always retrieve that portion precedes manner. There is no point having or developing the well-nigh luxurious interior concept if it’s not functional plenty to come across the needs of its occupants. It must go good-designed , functional , as well versatile (peculiarly modest spaces) , as well created to move an efficient infinite that suits its occupants’ lifestyle.

For instance , at that topographic indicate must locomote solutions to storage issues. This is one of the near of import requirements in small-scale homes also offices. A kitchen , for instance , must travel aesthetically pleasing every scrap proficient functional likewise must locomote designed inwards a means that its user tin slice of job effortlessly from ane constituent to another. 
And balconies inwards story homes can travel converted to gardens. If it is as well minor to take the outdoors inward , creating vertical gardens is a groovy choice. The balcony becomes functional this means , instead of serving every bit dumping infinite for broken downwards bicycles besides discarded appliances!

Book recommendations:

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Presenting a Design Concept to a Client

If you lot are an interior designer also you’ve created your design concept fully , yous lot are almost make to acquaint your persuasion to your client. Make sure that your packaged proposal:
  • Conveys your concept amid ample 3D visuals. This agency , the customer knows too sees but what yous lot are proposing. This makes them trust your piece of task because they direct a clear vision of what you lot are offering.
  • Includes descriptive statements that communicate the role of your interior blueprint concept.
  • Addresses all the customer’sec needs , particularly since they are opened upwards to your suggestions.
  • Reflects what volition piece of chore best for your customer piece clearly explaining how something they desire may non run.
These basic principles are something every professional someone interior designer must view for whatever projection to piece of job successfully whether it is a depression budget design project or a high budget 1.

Each expression must go given due recognition likewise thus that the last blueprint volition last issue in the creation of an interior that is not solely aesthetically pleasing , but ane that is versatile , functional , too calming.

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